A bot made to be copied and make more bots!

Click here to invite LEARNBOT3000 to your server
LEARNBOT3000 is a bot made with Tracery. It should be easy-ish to customise and make your own
Use the 🎏 icon in the top right, and select Remix on Glitch 🎤 and follow the instructions in the readme to make your own

LEARNBOT3000's commands

hello / greetings / hey


Hello Discord User!

sing / song / music


Discord User, let this song warm your fleshy heart _ti sol re la do_ 🎶

lesson / teach / learn


Check this out: There's a great Tracery tutorial here: http://www.crystalcodepalace.com/traceryTut.html



I can't understand what you're saying Discord User 😭

Built by Gaeel Bradshaw
Based on a Discord bot project by Greg Worrall
Using Tracery by GalaxyKate
And tracery-grammar by v buckenham